Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birthday Cake!

Amidst all of this May busy-ness I had a birthday! Brett woke up early and baked the cake so it would be nice and cool when we returned from our day out on the town. My least favorite part of cake decorating is trying to get the icing perfectly smooth so Brett did that part while I piped pink roses. Then I did my trademark basketweave around the sides of the cake and piped the words. It's a little weird writing "Happy Birthday" to yourself, but I'm a firm believer that the birthday cake should have a name on it.

For the finishing touches, Brett added tiny purple flowers made by a special tip that I just can't figure out how to use. He's just got the magic touch I guess.

And after a short stint in the freezer, I placed the roses all over.

The cake turned out beautifully and tasted great too!


Darlene said...

The cake looks wonderful. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Kim in the Kitchen said...

Thanks, Darlene! I had a great birthday!

~kelly marie~ said...

Such a beautiful cake! Each one wows me even more!