Monday, May 19, 2008

Birthday Food

In addition to his cake, Brett got all kinds of special food for his birthday weekend. As his gift (and sort of a gift for myself) I ordered a Lou Malnati's deep dish Chicago style pizza all the way from Chicago. They shipped it overnight packed in dry ice and it arrived at our doorstep still solidly frozen. We ate it for lunch on Saturday and that was really the only meal we needed all day. We were stuffed!

On Sunday I made Brett a special breakfast of Eggs Benedict. I actually never cook eggs (I leave that to Brett) so poaching eggs is always an adventure for me. I had done it once before on Brett's birthday last year. When I thought they were done, I tried to slide the first egg onto the English muffin and totally broke the yolk. Oops! I think that egg was undercooked, so I let the second egg go for about a minute longer. That extra minute made all the difference. I was able to slide the second egg perfectly onto the muffin and it was not overcooked. When I was making the Hollandaise sauce it curdled a little when I removed it from the heat, but the recipe said if that happened to stir in some hot water and that trick worked wonderfully.

For lunch on Sunday, Brett wanted to get Arby's Beef 'n Cheddar sandwiches and curly fries, so we stuffed ourselves on those and snacked for dinner. I refuse to eat Arby's on any other day, so Brett always takes advantage on his birthday. It's becoming a bit of a tradition. What a great birthday week!


Lisa Conmara said...

i linked you in my post hope thats okay x

The John said...

Try this some time for breakfast or dinner.

1.)Sourdough Toast
2.)Slice of ham steak
3.)Blanched Asparagus
4.)Poached egg
5.)Holindase suace

Stack in order 1-5. We usaully do this when we do breakfast for dinner!