Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vacation Craving

We've been making all old favorites since returning from vacation so there has not been anything new and exciting yet.  Maybe this weekend...

Meanwhile, I thought I would share with you all the interesting craving I experienced throughout most of our trip...SALSA!!!!  Who would think that about a week after leaving San Diego (where the salsa flows like wine:)) that I could only think about salsa?!  I was dreaming about it!  In one dream I had two big margarita glasses full of salsa that I think I had stolen.  I can't remember the other salsa dream I had, only that there was another one. 

In Columbus, OH the craving could go on no longer.  I had to have Mexican food.  Unfortunately, the only "Mexican" food nearby was Taco Bell.  After some searching we did find a place called 7 Regiones.  When we got there we thought about leaving because this place was SUPER authentic.  We're talking no English and telenovelas on the T.V.  When I asked for chips and salsa, we got bean dip and when I asked for enchiladas rojas, I got mole.  It was good, just not what I wanted.  So needless to say the craving was not all.

My craving had to wait until New York City.  Upon being asked what I was in the mood for I promptly said, "Mexican!" and we found a little place in Hell's Kitchen called Cafe Azteca.  They had chips and salsa and I got a guacamole taco that was delicious!  That worked for a while, but salsa was always in the back of my brain.

Since we've been home I've had a quesadilla and salsa for almost every lunch.  I can't wait for an occasion to go to El Torito where (I'm convinced) they have the best salsa in the world!

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