Sunday, September 21, 2008

Corn Bacon Muffins

I found this recipe ages ago in Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine (I know...I know...that's two in a row and believe me I am embarassed!) and it sounded so good that I actually cut it out.  Usually I just say, "that sounds good," and turn the page and forget about it.  Not this one.  The only problem was that there was bacon in it and, like I said in the previous post, we never buy bacon.  Clearly we have had bacon in the house lately because it has been featured in almost every meal.

I did alter the recipe a little bit.  Instead of regular chopped onions, I used green onions that we already had on hand.  Also, when I measured out the frozen corn, we had just a tiny bit left in the bag so I dumped all of it in.  Maybe the biggest change I made was using sour cream mixed with regular milk in place of buttermilk.  I already had a little bit of sour cream that probably wasn't going to get used and I certainly didn't want to buy a carton of buttermilk that would definitely not get used.  This was a well justified switch for me that I don't think made a huge difference.  I also halved the recipe (which I know is not changing the recipe) but you try adding half an egg!  It is not easy!  I shouldn't talk... I assigned Brett that duty.  So who knows if I had exactly the right amount of egg, but it looked close enough to us.
Brett thought that I filled the cups up too much, but it turns out that I didn't.
These muffins were extremely moist.  In fact too moist for me.  I think maybe the extra frozen corn added some extra water to the batter.  Brett thought they were fine so that made me feel good.  The flavors were great and of course the bacon stole the show.

Here is the link to the original recipe.


~Marielle~ la petite chef!! said...

Hi Kim!
Love your site! I'm passing on the Brilliante Weblog award!! :)

Haley said...

Mmmm.... bacon and corn in a muffin. Sounds delish! I think your substitution of sour cream might actually go better than buttermilk. Good choice.

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