Saturday, September 27, 2008

Trans Fat Oops

When food companies were first required to disclose the amount of trans fat in their products I was shocked to see that some things I had been eating my whole life had quite a bit.  Just about every Pillsbury bread dough product is full of trans fat, in particular the crescent rolls and biscuits.  So I started buying the reduced fat crescent rolls ( no trans fat and still quite tasty) and just stopped buying biscuits all together.

The other night I was starting to make taco-ring (one of our stand-by dinners) and I pulled the crescents out of the fridge only to see that they were not reduced fat, but rather "Big and Buttery."  Of course they were loaded with trans-fat.  I had a dilemma: throw them away and waste food and money, or eat them and cry about my arteries.  I decided to eat them.  When I opened the package they smelled like a stick of butter, when it was cooking they smelled like a melting stick of butter, and when I ate it, well obviously they tasted like crescent rolls drenched in a stick of butter.

I know that grabbing the wrong thing at the store happens to everyone, but it still didn't make me feel any better. 

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