Thursday, November 20, 2008

Orange Yogurt

In our household, I am usually the one who buys something with the sincere hope of finding a new favorite food and instead almost always finds something new to add to my list of foods to never put in my mouth again.  For once, Brett gets that honor.

Brett loves Yoplait's non-fat yogurt.  He eats it every night for dessert and sometimes takes it in his lunch.  He will eat most flavors, but his favorite is cherry.  Lately the cherry yogurt has had little seeds that certainly didn't come from cherries nor any other fruit listed in the ingredients.  This weirded him out a little bit.  We have also turned into recycling/reducing/reusing  freaks and Brett felt bad about all the little plastic yogurt containers that he was using up.  His solution was to buy a big container of yogurt.  Unfortunately bulk yogurt does not come in delicious cherry and he came home with plain.  One bite of plain yogurt is all it takes...YUCK!

He went to the kitchen to get some dessert and came back to the couch empty handed.  Soon I heard the familiar words that are usually coming out of my mouth, escape his, "I don't think I can eat any more of that.  It's bad."  So I immediately started looking up recipes online for ways to doctor up plain yogurt and I found one for Orange Yogurt from The Barefoot Contessa.

It involved adding honey, orange zest, orange juice, and vanilla to plain yogurt.  Sounded good to us.  It also involved adding raisins and walnuts but we ignored that part.  Unfortunately, we also ignored the part about straining the yogurt for 3 hours to thicken it up.  Consequently, our finished product turned out extremely liquidy.  It certainly tasted better (it couldn't have tasted worse) but the thin texture is weird for me.  I don't think I will be eating any more of it, but, as always, I hope that Brett will.

Our other idea for improving it even more is to put it in the ice cream maker and make frozen yogurt.  I have no idea if that will work though.

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