Monday, January 26, 2009

Baked Fries

Baked Fries is an oxymoron.  Fries are meant to be fried!  It's in their name.  It's the very definition of fries!  I have tried unsuccessfully to make baked fries twice now and there will not be a third time!  This time the recipe came from  The Food You Crave.  It was different because it involved garlic (mmmm) and teeny-tiny matchstick fries.  The best part of this recipe was using the tiniest fry cutter for my mandoline slicer.  I cannot get over how awesome that tool is; I cut up 2 potatoes in no time flat!

I tossed the potatoes in the garlic infused oil, sprinkled some salt and then put them in the oven.

Well before the allotted time had passed, I could hear a sizzle from the next room.  I went to check on my fries and "Yikes!" I had to pull them out immediately.

The brown ones were inedible.  The lighter ones in the middle were soggy but had good flavor.  I salvaged as many as I could for an afternoon snack.  There is no substitute for real fries.


Darlene said...

I've been looking for a mandolin slicer that won't slice up my fingers -- I've heard horror stories or it could just be people who aren't careful. Could you recommend one? One that makes matchstick slices like french fries would be perfect!

Kim in the Kitchen said...

Hi Darlene! My mandoline is a Zyliss and it has a sliding hand guard, but it is still dangerous so we are always very careful. We've found that washing it is more dangerous than slicing with it. It came with a bunch of different blades including two for fries. I love it and will look for any excuse to use it! Thanks for stopping by!

Lisa said...

Ah you see over here we don't mind oven baked because we call them CHIPS! So they are chips no matter what, you can buy big bags of "oven chips" here and I prefer them because they are so easy. I don't know anyone who deep fries their chips at home - we leave that to the chip shop!