Friday, January 23, 2009

Santa Fe Pizza

We love pizza around here (if you haven't noticed) so naturally one of the first sections I looked at in my Bon Appetit cookbook was the pizza section.  Their recipe for Santa Fe Pizza caught my attention and earned Brett's approval, which is a rare combination.

I made the pizza dough from scratch.  While it is good, I'm still not entirely satisfied with it, so in the near future I will try some new ones.  I almost forgot to preheat the pizza stone, which is supposed to heat for 20 minutes before you put anything on it.  I remembered about 15 minutes before putting something on it, and everything went fine.

The toppings are ground cumin, red onion, cilantro, chicken (I used Foster Farms pre-cooked and sliced,) corn, and lots of cheddar cheese.  No sauce!  Kind of weird huh?  After it bakes you put some salsa on top.  We also chose to put some sliced avocado on top.  We'll definitely see this again.


Nicole said...

Kim, did you find a good recipe for pizza dough? I left some links for you on my post when you asked about it. Your pizza looks great. I don't think all pizza needs sauce. But I do think it takes some practice getting the best pizza at home. I am still working on it myself.

Kim in the Kitchen said...

Hi Nicole! I did see all the links you left me on your blog, but I have yet to go through them and pick one out to try. Pizza is on the menu this week so I will definitely try a new one and let you know how it goes. Thanks!