Friday, February 6, 2009

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I will most likely order a pulled pork sandwich if it's on the menu in a restaurant.  I really like them.  The best one I've had lately (Brett's Dad is still talking about how good it was 3 months later) was from Karl Strauss here in San Diego.

I remembered seeing a recipe for pulled pork sandwiches on another one of my favorite blogs, Culinary Adventures of a New Wife, and found it in her archives under May.  That means I've had these sandwiches in the back of my brain for a very long time!  They were quite memorable because the pork tenderloin is cooked in root beer to tenderize the meat.

In order to make this I had to buy two things that rarely enter our household: a large hunk of raw meat and soda.  I was utterly disgusted by the raw pork tenderloin, but I managed to trim some of the fat off, get it seasoned, and into the crock-pot on top of some sliced onions before gagging.  I  poured a bottle of IBC root beer over the top and let it cook on low for 5 hours.

Usually I love using the crock-pot because it fills the apartment with such wonderful smells all day long, but this time it was just a weird, somewhat unappetizing smell all day long.  I pulled all the meat apart meticulously, doused it with BBQ sauce, and put it back in the crock-pot for another hour.

When it was time to eat, I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture until I was a few bites in, so here's my half eaten sandwich.

It was delicious, except every once in a while the root beer flavor would come through and taste a little strange.  Overall, it was a big success though.  Thanks Sharon!


Darlene said...

You have now convinced me that I absolutely need a crock pot!

Kim in the Kitchen said...

Put one on your wedding registry!

The John said...

I also have a easy crock-pot recipe for pulled porl on my blog! Check it out here.

Sharon said...

Glad you liked it! Yea, I'd agree about the aroma, but it's stil my favorite bbq recipe thus far.