Thursday, January 14, 2010

Creamy Corn and Garlic Risotto

Last week was a doozy. Car problems. Computer problems. Recipe problems. I'll assume that you are only interested in the recipe problems.

I got a couple of new cookbooks for Christmas, including a vegetarian cookbook that has been on my list for two years now. The first recipe I chose out of this new cookbook sounded delicious. How can I go wrong with corn, garlic, and risotto?

I chopped a lot of garlic, measured out my arborio rice, and got out the frozen corn. I brought a tiny bit of vegetable stock up to a boil and added the garlic, then the rice and then the corn. I added the rest of the broth a little bit at a time, until the rice was cooked through.

So far so good. I tasted it and thought, "Eh, not bad but it needs a little something. Probably salt. The parmesan cheese will add salt." Then I came to the last step: "Stir in cheeses and parsley." Well, lets just say that I made the mistake of using the stuff in the green canister. Jeffrey Steingarten would be appauled. I dumped in the entire 1/2 cup that the recipe called for. Not a little bit and then taste. The whole amount. It made the risotto way too salty. Almost inedible. I hate it when I know better, but I do what the recipe says anyway.

And I was so distracted about ruining dinner that I entirely forgot about the fresh chopped parsely I had waiting on the cutting board. Brett suggested that I could add it in tomorrow when I eat the leftover risotto for lunch. Like I'm eating that for lunch! Yuck!


Darlene said...

I'm always looking for more variations of risotto and this looks fantastic. Yum.

Kim in the Kitchen said...

I'm glad you're excited about trying it Darlene! Just watch it on the parmesan. If I make it again, and I probably will, I'll leave out the parmesan entirely and just add little pinches of salt until it tastes right. Good Luck!

~kelly marie~ said...

It looks really good! I am sorry that it didn't turn out like you wanted! I love reading about your cooking. I might just try it sometime! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks good anyway.

Josh Thinnes said...

So I've been really hip on risotto lately, my co-worker from Tuscany says that the secret to a great risotto is two things: 1 is the stock, and 2 is the butter, onions and dry white wine. The stock seems trivial, but it's super good if you make your own. If you can't that's fine, but splurge on the good stock and you'll see the difference. I made a porcini mushroom risotto with duck stock (left over from our Thanksgiving) and it was the best i've ever had, and the only one that I actually 'made' the stock for. The other thing is melting butter in a pan, then melting onions until they're almost dissolved. You then add the rice AND a cup of dry wine. After it absorbs the wine, you add a cup of stock at a time until its al dente (it will continue to cook on the plate) Sorry that took forever, :) I enjoy looking at your blog, I'm going to make the leek pizza! Good idea!

Kim in the Kitchen said...

Josh! I didn't realize you were visiting my blog! It's great to see a comment from you! From what I gather, this risotto recipe was not very traditional. No onions or wine and they wanted me to add all the stock at once, which I refused to do because it goes against everything I know about risotto (which really isn't that much.) Kudos to you for making your own stock! That's something I haven't gotten up the courage to try, mostly because I can't even look at a carcass without gagging. Maybe I'll try veggie stock first.