Monday, January 18, 2010

Jalpeno-Potato Chowder

The second recipe I tried out of my new vegetarian cookbook was Jalapeno-Potato Chowder.

I chopped up 1/2 a cup of onion and green bell pepper and cooked that in 3 T of butter for about 5 minutes.

I also chopped up 3 cups of potatoes and put those on to boil. I don't remember for how long, but I know that I tasted a crunchy one and let it go for a few minutes longer.

Now for the "chowder" part I added 3 T of flour to the onions and bell peppers and let that cook for about a minute and then gradually added in 2 and 1/2 cups of milk. I kind of lagged a little on the "stirring constantly" so the milk scalded a little on the bottom. Then I added corn, the drained potatoes, half of a minced jalapeno, some dried thyme, and some salt. After the parmesan cheese disaster with the risotto I was very careful about adding salt. Add a little, taste a little.

The chowder was ok on that first night. It was a little bland, so we kept adding salt until it was pretty good. What really surprised me was that it was very good for lunch the following day. It was thicker and had more flavor after sitting in the fridge overnight. So this one may be seen again, but it may be one of those make ahead meals.


The Diligent Diletante said...

1st time to ur page. Chowda looks that even non vegetarians would eat up or could just throw in some meat too. Feel free to chk out my blog and peek around too. :)

Kim in the Kitchen said...

Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the chowder!