Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mojo Style Broccoli and Potatoes

This past Memorial Day Brett, my mom, my cousin, and I all went out to an amazing dinner at The Melting Pot in Brea.  It's the second year in a row that we've eaten there, so I guess you could call it a tradition now.  The food there is wonderful, plus it has the added fun element of fondue.  For our main course we ordered "Mojo Style" cooking liquid.  Of the entire plate of various meats and big bowl of veggies they brought for us to cook, I probably raved the most about... the broccoli?!  I kid you not, the broccoli was delicious and didn't even taste like broccoli.

So fast forward three weeks and I was still thinking about the mojo broccoli, so I attempted to recreate it at home.  Recreating a fondue dish is easier than any ol' restaurant meal because they pretty much make it tableside and I got to see all of the ingredients going in.  I started with vegetable stock, added a few chopped garlic cloves, the juice of half an orange, the juice of a whole lime, and a handful of chopped cilantro.

I don't have a fondue set (Brett and I were rather conservative on our wedding registration) so I just combined everything in a saucepan and kept it on low heat.  I (mistakenly) kept the liquid just under a boil because I didn't remember the liquid at the restaurant ever boiling.  Brett said it was boiling just not rapidly and that perhaps their special cookware prevented it from bubbling.  Anyway, that is why it took much longer for me to cook the broccoli florets and red potato quarters than it did at the restaurant.  Also, the broccoli at the restaurant sunk to the bottom, whereas at home it floated.  I'm going to attribute this problem to the salinity of the vegetable stock.

Once I finally declared it done, it earned my seal of approval.  It was not anywhere near as good as The Melting Pot's version, but it was good enough to be a respectable imitation.  The potatoes never did get quite done, but I was tired of waiting, so we ate them "al dente."  I don't know if I will try this again; I'll leave it in the maybe category.  Maybe if I ever get a craving for broccoli...HA!

I love this picture for it's multiple meanings.  Is it
a) a VERY relaxed dinner at home
b) Brett's attitude toward broccoli
c) just plain unsanitary
d) all of the above


moowiesqrd said...

Muhahaha... I vote for Brett's attitude towards broccoli. It is green, after all. ;)

Anonymous said...

I found the recipe a while back and now I am at work looking for it again so I can run to the grocery store and get the stuff for dinner. It called for chicken stock. Also you will need some fresh cracked black pepper and some jerk seasoning. If you want, I can send the whole recipe later. I have it at home. The Melting Pot is mine and my husbands favorite restaurant. We go at least 6-7 times a year with the occasional Ladies Night thrown in and we always get the Mojo.

Kim in the Kitchen said...

Thanks for stopping by! I would LOVE the actual recipe! Now you've got me thinking about The Melting Pot again. YUM!

Anonymous said...

OK, sorry it took so long. this is what the original recipe calls for... I tweaked it just slightly and will put those comments at the end. i am sending this from my cell phone so if you want to make it prettier before you post it by all means go ahead. OK, here we go. 5 1/4 cups chicken boullion. 2 Tbs jerk seasoning. 2 Tbs cumin. 1/4 cup fresh chopped cilantro. 2 Tbs fresh cracked black pepper. 1 Tbs minced garlic. 1/4 cup fresh squeezed orange juice. 2 Tbs fresh squeezed lime juice. Combine all & bring to boil. Add potatoes & cook about five min, then add broccoli & cook to desired doneness. The tweaks I made were reduce jerk seasoning to 1 Tbs. I love spicy food, but this really overpowered the broccoli. I added juice from one whole lime & juice from one whole large orange. I think it was much better. Also I dont know how sanitary this is, but I will freeze my leftover mojo. As long as no raw meat is cooked in it it should be ok. It turns a little green but its still ok. And only use fresh cilantro.

Kim in the Kitchen said...

Thank you for the recipe! I will try it again sometime when I'm hungry for broccoli... which could be a while, but I will try it again at some point!

mamma_buddha said...

Went to the Melting Pot last night. The mojo isnt quite this spicy so you might want to tone down the cumin and jerk seasoning. Very delicious as usual.