Saturday, June 6, 2009


I made hummus again this week for a lunchtime snack, which has become quite a regular thing around here.  Usually I spread it on pitas, but this week, I forgot to buy pitas so I was dipping carrot sticks into it.  I KNOW!  Me eating veggies- voluntarily!  Well, I must say that the hummus is so strong in flavor that I can't really even taste the carrots.  After a couple of days of carrots, I did get a little tired of them, so I decided to make some flatbread to spread the hummus on.

I used Bobby Flay's recipe on the Food Network website but I didn't really read ahead, I just started making it.  I did read far enough to see that it had to rest for an hour so at least I had the foresight to start making it at ten in the morning.  I mixed the yeast and what looked like A LOT of warm water, let that rest for about five minutes and then added half the flour gradually.  This was where it was supposed to rest for an hour " to form a sponge."  I'm not really sure what it was supposed to look like.  It had little air bubbles that sort of made it look like a sponge, but it was not even close to the same consistency.  

This was the first time ever that I've used my dough hook.  I usually just do these things by hand, but I thought I would give it a try.  With the mixer going, I added the salt, olive oil, and remaining flour.  It was pretty fun, but I think I let it go a little too long because it formed a ball and then a few seconds later turned to goo.  I added a little more flour to thicken it up and then I scraped it off onto a floured surface to knead it.  Needless to say, the dough was sticky.

Then I got to the part in the recipe where it has to rise for two and a half hours.  So much for the lunchtime snack.  After that I divided it into three balls and let them sit for another half hour.  Then I rolled them out and put them on silpats.

After 15 minutes of baking they were ready to eat. Finally!  It was four o'clock!  It pretty much just tasted like pizza dough, which I love, and for some bites I didn't even add any hummus.  It was delicious all by itself.  Well worth the wait.

Next time I may try to add some seasonings, we'll see.  Any suggestions?

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