Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yummy Hummus

I know it looks like another "tan" dip, but trust me this one tasted anything but tan.  As predicted, I made hummus this week for our "What do we do with the other half of this french loaf before it goes bad" meal.  I researched a few recipes online and finally settled on this recipe from The Barefoot Contessa because it contains no olive oil and I trust her. The only change I made was omitting the hot sauce (it didn't need it at all.)

It was incredibly easy to make, but would have been a lot easier with a full sized food processor.  Instead of just throwing all the ingredients in, I had to puree in batches, then stir everything together in a large bowl, and then smooth some more in batches. I didn't mind that much considering you all know how much I love to use my mini food processor.

This dip was FLAVORFUL!  Brett's first comment was, "Oh my gosh!"  He thought that the garlic was overpowering.  I, however, don't mind the spicy sting of raw garlic.  Hummus is supposed to be garlicky!  After realizing that we were going to have garlic breath for the next few days, we agreed that the next time we make this we'll roast the garlic first to take some of the bite out.

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~la petite chef~ said...

That's a riot because my Man is always the one adding MORE garlic and I'm the one whos breath stinks for 3 days! HAHA
Love the blog! :)