Monday, March 2, 2009

Salad Spinner!

Yes, I know that this gadget has been around for a long time, but I just now got one and I'm excited about it!

I haven't felt the need for a salad spinner until recently because I had always just bought the pre-washed bag of salad.  When I actually started comparing prices between a head of lettuce and a bag of lettuce, I realized that I was paying a couple of dollars just for a factory to cut and wash my lettuce for me.  "I can totally do that myself," I thought.
Well, I realized that drying lettuce is no easy feat.  I chose the Barefoot Contessa method of wrapping wet lettuce in a dishtowel and slinging it around fast-pitch softball style.  This is kind of fun, but water gets everywhere.  I tried to do it in the general direction of the trash can, but there is really no hope in aiming it, so I settled for sprinkling the mini-blinds.  It was also an "oops" waiting to happen.  I can just picture me giving the towel a hearty sling, my grip slipping, and lettuce flying like confetti all over the kitchen.

With a couple of gift cards and the ever present 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupon, we were able to get a salad spinner for $1!  Not only does it get the job done much faster, but it also is pretty fun to operate.

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SoxFan said...

My Salad Spinner is a favorite - I finally bought the OXO one. I prefer one with a hole in the bottom to allow drainage of the water. You'll find yourself using it for herbs as well. Even if you get the prewashed bag stuff, giving it a cycle in the spinner perks is up deliciously.