Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hot Italian Sausage Pitas

This recipe was inspired by a recipe from my Bon Appetit cookbook; I think the only changes we made were leaving out the cumin and substituting pitas for tortillas.  We love cumin and put it on everything, but for this we wanted to keep the Mediterranean feel by leaving it out.  Same reason we switched the tortillas for pitas.

It was super simple.  Take the sausage out of the casings and cook it in a skillet just like you would ground meat.  Thinly slice a red onion and toss it in with the meat.  That's it!

Scoop the meat into a pita and toss on some feta cheese.  I went a little nuts with the feta.  I always forget how strong that stuff is. We liked the meal (I don't think we loved it) but it was certainly easy and a good change of pace from all the usual suspects that show up on our dinner table.

A little side note about our feta cheese:  If the price is significantly lower I generally buy store brand products.  I have been thoroughly pleased with our store brand's cheddar and mozzerella so I bought their feta as well.  It tasted fine, that's not what this side note is about.  It had a cute little village scene on the cardboard packaging, but when we took it off this is what we found.

How's that for generic?! We've taken to saying, "Crumbled Feta Cheese," in a deep, monotonous voice.

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Nicole said...

Sounds good to me. We love hot Italian Sausage and this is a nice change of pace from putting it on pizza or pasta.