Monday, March 1, 2010

Breakfast Burritos

Officially becoming a vegetarian has prompted me to think of new, tasty ways to get protein into my body. Truthfully, I probably wasn't getting enough protein anyway, but because my mom gave me a distinctly worried look when I told her about my plans to go vegetarian and because I love being responsible, I'm paying more attention to my protein intake.

Beans and eggs are two tasty, protein-rich options that so obviously lead to breakfast burritos. I've only had a breakfast burrito once, when I was tailgating at a Chargers game, but it was very good. I tweaked the formula just a little- subtract bacon, add pinto beans. And instead of eating them for breakfast, of course, we ate them for dinner.

The pinto beans were my favorite part. I sauteed some garlic in a little bit of olive oil, added a can of drained, rinsed pinto beans, and added a few shakes each of chili powder and cumin. Soooo good.

Brett decided to improvise homemade hashbrowns. He grated a potato, dried it off, and threw it in some hot oil. It was going pretty well... until the smoke alarm went off. We were on such a good streak too! I think it had been three or four months since it had gone off. When the hashbrowns were finished, they were very oily, but with a little bit of salt they tasted amazingly like the triangle hashbrowns they used to serve in the cafeteria my freshman year of college. Next time we'll probably just use the frozen kind, or research a few recipes.

I grated Jack cheese while Brett scrambled a few eggs.

Then we loaded up our tortillas. Mine closed up nicely, even though I forgot the salsa at first.

Brett's was a monster and wouldn't even close!

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