Monday, March 22, 2010

Vermont Maple Syrup

I've always been a Log Cabin Syrup girl. It is maple flavored corn syrup and I think it's yummy. However, I know that it is completely fake and therefore felt the need to try the real thing. Brett and I knew that moving to New England would eventually involve a maple syrup expedition to Vermont and the time finally came last weekend.

Maple syrup runs from late February to early April when the temperature gets above freezing during the day but still drops below at night. We missed this target by a little bit considering that it was in the high 60's on the day that we went. We also missed the boiling demonstration at Harlow's Sugar House by an hour or so.

But we did not miss the tasting. They had four grades of maple syrup: Vermont Fancy, Grade A Medium Amber, Grade A Dark Amber, and Grade B. We started with the lightest (Vermont Fancy) and made our way to the darkest (Grade B). They get progressively stronger in flavor and by the time we got to Grade B it tasted almost like molasses. We decided on a bigger jug of the Grade A Medium Amber, a tiny jug of Vermont Fancy, and some maple candies for Brett's mom.

Of course, we had pancakes the following day.

The syrup was much thinner than Log Cabin and it soaked into the pancakes very quickly. The flavor was awesome. It was milder than I'm used to, but so REAL. And that's a good thing.


Darlene said...

Corn syrup flavored with maple syrup is a travesty. I heard somewhere that there are not enough trees in North America to provide maple syrup to meet demand.

Kim in the Kitchen said...

There's no way that everyone could have real maple syrup. Can you believe that it takes a whole barrel of sap to make just one gallon of maple syrup?! So it's a good thing that North America has way too much corn ... that way we can have all the maple flavored corn syrup we could possibly desire ;-)

janet said...

We switched to real maple syrup a number of years ago after I read the ingredient list on the bottle of imitation stuff. The fake stuff really is garbage, and there's nothing better than the real thing:)
Looks like you had a fun time!