Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Cookies!

About once a year rolled cookies find a way into our home.  Sometimes it's Easter (I love decorating egg cookies,) but usually it's Halloween.  We've had some really cute Halloween cookies in the past, and this year was no exception.

Brett did all of the hard work.  He made the dough, rolled and cut the cookies out, and baked them.  He even made the icing.  The rule in our house is whoever makes the cookies gets to use their mom's recipe because, of course, everyone thinks their mom's cookies are the best.  So this year it was Brett's mom's recipe, which has a hint of lemon in it.

I jumped in for the decorating.  We frosted all of our white cookies first which included all the ghosts and one owl.  Then we dyed the frosting and got to work on the rest.  Brett is fine with just spreading frosting on, but I love to embellish.  So I got some decorator bags out and got creative.  Even Brett put a few faces on his pumpkins.  Halloween cookies aren't quite as fun as Christmas cookies, but I still love them.

We also have the rule that you can only eat cookies that you decorated...I'm down to 8!

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~kelly marie~ said...

You guys always make the best cookies! I miss those!