Thursday, October 16, 2008

Black Bean Soup

After the recent success of Red Beans and Rice Soup, I went back to the same Veggie Meals cookbook and found another soup that sounded pretty good.  Brett and I eat a lot of black beans, so naturally Black Bean Soup sounded like something we would enjoy.  Another bonus was that this recipe did not call for hot sauce, although it did call for 2 jalapenos.  I only put one.  The recipe made Brett a little skeptical because it came from Rachael Ray, whom he can't stand for 5 seconds, and, even more concerning, it was tomato based.   The recipe called for crushed tomatoes, and I knew Brett would not go for that, so I substituted tomato sauce for a smoother texture.

I thought the soup turned out pretty good.  However, I ended up eating all of the leftovers, so I think that Brett was not a big fan.  It was a bit oniony, but I think the tomato base was too much for him.  Finding a new meal for our dinner rotation is rare, so I'll just keep trying new things and hoping they're at least edible.  Bye-bye black bean soup.

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