Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Oat Muffins

Like I said, we've gone a little pumpkin crazy now that fall is here (although the weather has gotten hot again and is not cooperating at all!)  The latest issue of Simple and Delicious Magazine was the jackpot!  I found four or five recipes that I wanted to try and that is rare!  Usually I'm pleased if I find one that sounds good.  The first one I tried was Pumpkin Oat Muffins.

Besides spilling brown sugar all over the counter, this was a pretty uneventful baking endeavor.  There were lots of ingredients so it took a good amount of careful reading.  One of those ingredients was pumpkin pie spice of which I had none, so I got out our handy-dandy Taste of Home Baking Book and made my own, which added a few more ingredients to the list.  But I certainly liked the idea of putting together my own pumpkin pie spice rather than buying another spice bottle.  My cabinet can hardly fit any more and plus they are very expensive.

The batter was thick, orange, and smelled like autumn.  I took some extra care spooning the batter into the muffin cups and I was doing such a fantastic job until the very last muffin when I spilled some on the tin.  Oh well, I'm still proud of myself.  The muffins got a brown sugar/butter/more pumpkin pie spice topping and went in the oven.

They looked and smelled wonderful, but neither Brett nor I want to have them again for two different reasons.  I thought they were bland despite all the spices, and Brett thought there were too many flavors going on (spices, pumpkin, oats, raisins.)  I will admit that the next day they tasted better to me.  Maybe the ingredients just needed time to get acquainted with each other :)

The giant can of pumpkin is almost used up...hmmmmm.  I've got a few ideas :)

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