Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Waffles

Brett and I are both very set in our ways as far as breakfast goes.  He has a giant bowl of cereal and I have an Instant Breakfast.  We do however enjoy other breakfast foods, so we usually end up having breakfast foods at dinnertime.  This past Sunday was one of those times.

We still had a good portion of the giant can of pumpkin in our fridge, so I scoured the internet for a pumpkin waffle recipe that sounded yummy.  The one I found said that it works best with a Belgian waffle-maker but it also said that it would work fine with a regular waffle-iron.  So I got out my regular waffle iron and got to work.

When the first waffle was done, I lifted the lid and it completely split down the middle; one half was stuck to the top and the other to the bottom.  This is when I enlisted Brett's help.  He was able to neatly coax the waffle off with a fork without burning himself.  He said, "That was a test waffle."  But it turned out that every waffle stuck.  However, we were prepared for that and Brett pried each one off without pulling it apart.  They did get better and better with each consecutive waffle but by the time we got a near perfect one, it was also the last one.

The waffles were good.  Some bites had a distinct nutmeg flavor, others had a ginger flavor.  Maybe I didn't stir the batter enough, or maybe my taste buds could only handle one spice at a time.  My favorite bites were the crunchy pieces near the edge.  The first couple of waffles were not crunchy and had the texture of pancakes.  (If I wanted pancakes I would have made pancakes!)  When I took my first crunchy bite I got this overwhelming sense of, "ooooh,  yum that flavor is familiar.  Where have I tasted that before?"  Of course it didn't take me long to figure out that it tasted like an ice cream cone, duh!  Then I got this brilliant idea that ice cream shops could make seasonal waffle-cones to go with their seasonal ice cream flavors.  Just think: Pumpkin Waffle cone with Apple Pie ice cream.  Sounds delicious right?!  I'm a genius : )

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