Saturday, March 1, 2008

Love-ly Waffles

Breakfast this morning was heart-shaped waffles. We don't make fancy breakfasts too often, so this was a nice treat. I usually have my instant breakfast and Brett usually has peanut butter toast, but today, I just felt like making waffles. This was another one of my favorites growing up, and again, does not taste quite as good as Mom's (can anything ever taste as good as Mom's?) The recipe is just enough for 3 waffles (5 hearts per waffle), which is perfect for 2 people. I did think a little bit about my presentation, and I almost put our scrambled eggs in the center...but I didn't want eggs on my waffle one wants syrupy eggs! I also thought that if I had some fresh strawberries, that they would look nice in the center also, but I didn't have any, so just use your imagination :)

I've spent my entire life saying that I don't like eggs, but I think I'm coming around, at least if they are scrambled. Brett makes wonderful scrambled eggs with a tiny bit of butter in the pan and they are always fluffy and the most perfect consistency. I like to put a little Essence of Emeril on mine.

Waffles, scrambled eggs, and a glass of milk. This is the way to start a new day!

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