Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Blackberry Crumble...sort of

Those of you who have ever been in a kitchen with me should know that I am not one of those “let me throw something together” kind of gals. I read recipes over and over again, and I’m constantly double checking everything (and I still mess up, but that’s beside the point.) I wish I could go “whip something up” whenever I felt like it, but I’m just not like that.

Which leads me to our dessert Sunday night: blackberry crumble. At the bridal shower I went to recently there were blackberries, however they must have been very tasty, because I didn't get to them in time. Plus, I wasn’t exactly sure what blackberries tasted like and I was curious, so this led me to buy, yes, grocery store blackberries. When will I learn? Brett and I ate them as a healthy dessert one night and decided that they were not something we wanted to eat plain again. If they didn’t work as a healthy dessert, surely they would work as an unhealthy one. I thought to myself, “Hey I’ve watched Ina Garten make a bazillion fruit crumbles on Barefoot Contessa, surely I can throw this together.” So I got to work on the crumb topping WITHOUT looking at any sort of recipe. I should have known an oops was coming. How hard would it have been to open any of the baking cookbooks I own and just look for proper proportions? Well at least I had all the ingredients correct. Butter, brown sugar, and flour. In retrospect, I should have realized that I needed more flour because the mixture needed to be more crumbly. When we pulled the dessert out of the oven it looked like a bubbly, buttery mess. Brett even commented that it looked like his mom’s Swedish meatballs (and I'll admit it did.) Even though those meatballs are delicious, I certainly don’t want my dessert to resemble them. We had to skim off a lot of the butter, but after that, the sugary blackberries were delicious. Live and learn.

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i love the pics of the poppies.nona