Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Turkey or Beef Debate

To beef, or not to beef: that is the question... (Can you believe I actually got out Hamlet to check my punctuation? What a nerd!) Last night we had taco ring again, but with one small change: ground beef instead of ground turkey. It was not a personal choice or a tasting experiment, rather, the grocery store was out of ground turkey! Apparently it was on sale and got bought out. They did have ground turkey breast (which is even leaner) but we have tried that before and it got a definite thumbs down. So I debated for a while, and finally picked up some ground beef.

I cannot even tell you how long it has been since I have cooked with ground beef. A very long time. It was weird. I had gotten used to the gray color of the “browned” turkey meat, and it’s tendency to clump together tenaciously. So when I began to cook the beef, I hovered a lot more than I needed to, breaking it apart ferociously as if it were turkey. I was also surprised how dark the meat got. It was practically black! The final difference was the amount of fat I had to drain, which was significantly more. Of course it tasted good (c’mon it’s taco ring, how could it not?) but after years of using ground turkey, I think I prefer the turkey now. So my answer to the question is NOT to beef :)


AMI said...

is ground beef/ turkey what we call "mince" i wonder? if it is then i prefer cooking with the beef!
Vive le bouef! or not actually!
great blog!

Kim in the Kitchen said...

Hi Lisa! I looked it up on Wikipedia and "mince" is the same as ground meat. Thanks for the compliments!