Sunday, April 6, 2008

Brickle Chip Cookies

I went easy on the baking project for the weekend, mainly because the last 2 weekends’ projects have been pretty labor intensive. We also needed a dessert because my sweet tooth can only handle jelly beans and popsicles for so long. Brickle Chip Cookies are quite possibly my favorite kind of cookie. Of course I got the recipe from my mom, but the recipe is not a big family secret: it’s on the back of the Heath toffee bits package! It makes about a zillion cookies, so they are great to take to a party. However, these cookies are all for us, at least for now, Brett will probably end up taking a dozen to work.

Making the dough always goes well, but for me the hard part is putting the cookies on the cookie sheet. Now I know it doesn’t sound hard, but for some reason I always make my first batch way too big. These cookies are first mashed down and then they spread out even more in the oven. So when I took my first batch out, I was not surprised to see that they all spread out into each other for some really strange looking cookies. I was not surprised because I do that every time. And I forget every time. Oops. So I proceeded to make the rest of the cookies considerably smaller, but no two were exactly the same size or shape. (The picture below is sadly from my last batch...I clearly did not learn how to judge size or space...but this is an improvement.) I needed to enlist the help of my cousin (the sugar cookie king) who can make every cookie exactly the same size every time. I personally don’t care what the cookies look like as long as they taste delicious, and they do!

One thing I love about being an adult is making that naughty decision to have cookies for dinner. My excuse…we had a big, late lunch :)


Sharon said...

There's nothing wrong with cookies for dinner! :) I've never had these kind of cookies before but they sound great.

Thanks for the visit. Hope the oatmeal turned out well!

Kim in the Kitchen said...

The oatmeal did turn out well. In fact I'm eating some leftovers right now!:)